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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

It is goaled to write scientific, historical and futuristic (progressive-modern) theater plays focused on protecting the environment and animals in order to instill artistic feelings and creativity in children who are our future. The plays Broken Mirror and Checkmate that I wrote for adults were also written with this way of thinking and perspective.

  • Elementlendin

-The Elements- (English Version)

  • Bir Uzay Macerası Serisi 1 - Gezegenler

-A Space Adventure Series 1 - The Planets- (English Version)

  • Bir Uzay Macerası Serisi 2 - İnsanlar

  • Tarih Öncesi Çağlar Serisi 1 - Dinozorlar

  • Tarih Öncesi Çağlar Serisi 2 - İnsanlık

  • Kabus

  • Marmelat Kazanı

  • Kırık Ayna

  • Şah Devrildi!

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